2016 Winners


Josh Axelrod with Photography Judges









Prizes for the 2016 Arts & Crafts Festival:

Best In Show
Josh Axelrod – Josh Axelrod Photography

1st Prize Winners
Crafts:  Patricia Tolton – P2 Ware Art Tile
Fine Arts:  Phillip Singer Paintings
Fiber:  Nelly Kouzmina – Feltinelli
Jewelry: Douglas Brandow – Deep Rock Mining Co
Mixed Media: Teri Oja – Teri Oja Thread Paintings
Photography: Derek Mohr – Tintype ambrotype photography

  phillip-singer-with-judge-louise-feder   teri-oja-thread-paintingspatricia-tolton

2nd Prize Winners
Crafts: Roland Metal Art – Roland Paronish
Fine Arts: Elizabeth Andrews – Elizabeth Andrews Studio
Fiber: Kathy Dinsmore – The Wandering Vine
Jewelry: Regina Ewer – Regina Marie Designs
Mixed Media: Alexandra Sydovenko
Photography:  Duncan Hall

3rd Prize Winners
Crafts: Rachel Calderin – Burning Branch Studio
Fine Arts: Gale Scotch
Fiber: Teri Nalbone – Fiber Arts
Jewelry: Tonya Perri – Tonya Lov Jewelry 
Mixed Media: Megan Stein & Werneke McCook
Photography: Scott Krycia

Honorable Mention
Fine Arts: Susan Somerton -Xray Artistry
Fiber: Pamela Irwin – Modern Tatting
Jewelry: Toby Slawski Designs
Mixed Media: Megan McCook and Steve Werneke    
Crafts:  R Michael Heon

2016 Judges

Judges for Prizes for the 2016 Arts & Crafts Festival included:
Joanne Eisenberg, Jewelry Maker and Owner of Flirt by Joanne Eisenberg
Louise Feder, Assistant Curator, James A. Michener Art Museum
JoAnn Goodwin, Fine Art Painter
Wendy Gladston, Professional Photographer
William Hammerstein, Executive Director of Oscar Hammerstein Museum
Lisa Tremper Hanover, Director & CEO, James A. Michener Art Museum
Billy O’Connor, Owner, Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art Gallery
Wendy Paton, Award-winning American photographer
Christine Ramirez, Exhibition Specialist with New Hope Arts
Michael Ross, Designer/Artist
David Witchell, Owner, David J Witchell Salon & Spas and Boutiques
Laura Womack, Owner of From the Hand
Link to 2016 Judges Bios

2015 Prizes Awarded

Best In Show
Teddy Green – Goose Creek Pottery Crafts

1st Prize Winners
Crafts: Tari Zarka – Aspiring Artists of the Earth
Fine Arts: Teresa Haag – Teresa Haag Art
Fiber: Kathy Cooper – Kathy Cooper Floorcloths
Jewelry: Monique Perry – Monique’s Art Jewelry
Mixed Media: Teri Oja – Teri Oja Thread Paintings
Photography: Josh Axelrod -Josh Axelrod Photography

2nd Prize Winners
Crafts: Patricia Brown Tolton – P2 Ware Art Tiles
Fine Arts: Elizabeth Andrews – Elizabeth Andrews Studio
Fiber: Nelly Kouzmina – Feltinelli LLC
Jewelry: Lara Ginzburg – Designs by Lara
Mixed Media: Vic Ramos – Vic Ramos y Bonivita
Photography: Donald Schoenleber – DWDB Schoenleber

3rd Prize Winners
Crafts: Andrew Meoli – Further Stained Glass
Fine Arts: Eli Helman – Eli Helman Ink
Fiber: Jacquelyn Morgan – Puppets & Whimsicle Winter Wear
Jewelry: Regina Ewer – Regina Marie Designs
Mixed Media: Sean & Valerie Carman – Skyline Crafts
Photography: Stacey Granger – Life Art by Stacey Granger

Honorable Mention
Fine Arts: Michele Foster Lucas
Fiber: Ihor Barabakh – Severyn
Jewelry: Hilary Hertzler
Mixed Media: Karl Henschel -Timber Creek Turnings
Photography: David Stern – David Stern Photography on Tile

2015 Judges included Lisa Hanover and Louise Feder, respectively director and assistant curator of the James A. Michener Art Museum; Carol Cruickshanks, Executive Director of New Hope Arts; Roz Ruby, owner of Ruby’s Gems; Lauren Travis, artist and owner of Travis Gallery; Sherri Dougherty, owner of Angel Hearts Apparel and Jewelry Boutique; artists Susan Goodrich, Jose Chacon, Edie Sharp and JoAnn Goodwin; photographer Wendy Gladston; and Will Hammerstein of the Oscar Hammerstein legacy.

2014 Winners









2014 Best in Show
Fiber: Nelly Kouzmina, Feltinelli

1st Place, Fine Art: Donna Gratowski
1st Place, Photography: Jim Spillane
1st Place, Crafts: Jamie Agins
1st Place, Jewelry: Winnie Chan
1st Place, Fiber: Morgen Foley
1st Place, Mixed Media:

2nd Place, Fine Arts: Patrick Seufert
2nd Place, Photography: Scott Davidson
2nd Place, Crafts: Wayne Lind
2nd Place, Jewelry: Douglas Brandow
2nd Place, Fiber: Diane Chapman
2nd Place, Mixed Media: Leigh Hannan

3rd Place, Fine Arts: Ruth Cargill
3rd Place, Photography: Scott Krycia
3rd Place, Crafts: Ted Green
3rd Place, Jewelry: Arden Bardol
3rd Place, Fiber: Jacquelyn Morgan
3rd Place, Mixed Media: Daniel Duffy

Honorable Mention, Fine Arts: Eli Helman
Honorable Mention, Photography: Loren Fisher
Honorable Mention, Crafts: Michael Cho
Honorable Mention, Jewelry: Megan Horan
Honorable Mention, Fiber: Cindy Parzych
Honorable Mention, Mixed Media: A & M Goldfarb

2013 Prizes Awarded

Best In Show
Jewelry: Michael Stevens, Silver & Bold Studio

Michael Stevens Sculptor Jewelry

1st Place, Fine Art: Teresa Haag
1st Place, Photography: Josh Axelrod
1st Place, Crafts: Douglas Hain
1st Place, Jewelry: Douglas Brandow

2nd Place, Fine Arts: Eugene Perry
2nd Place, Photography: Jeremy Moss
2nd Place, Crafts: Diane Levenson
2nd Place, Jewelry: Jamie Agins

3rd Place, Fine Arts: Helena Van Ememmerik-Finn
3rd Place, Photography: Donald Schoenleber
3rd Place, Crafts: Ihor Barabakh
3rd Place, Jewelry: Kathleen Bennethum

2012 Best In Show
Photography: Steven Daniel

BEST OF SHOW Steven Daniel Photography

First Place Amelia Furman B-106
Second Place Christopher Kline G-203, 205
Third Place Eugene Perry P-505

First Place Rob Caperell Y-324
Second Place Mark Klammer Y-318
Third Place Deborah Simpson O-14

First Place Russ Brown P-521
Second Place Chris Kendig R-407
Third Place Rich Killion O-40

First Place Coco Paniora-Salinas Y-326
Second Place Jamie Agins P-507
Third Place Regina Ewer R-414

2011 Prizes Awarded

Best In Show
Jewelry: Michael Stevens, Silver & Bold Studio

1st Place, Fine Art: J. Scott Wolf
1st Place, Photography: Jeremy Moss
1st Place, Crafts: Mariah Wren
1st Place, Jewelry:  Arden Bardol

2nd Place, Fine Arts: Zhen Zhong Duan
2nd Place, Photography: Emily Broome
2nd Place, Crafts: Sandy Lindstedt
2nd Place, Jewelry: Monique Perry

3rd Place, Fine Arts: Stephen Brehm
3rd Place, Photography: Donald Schoenleber
3rd Place, Crafts: Michael Silversweig
3rd Place, Jewelry: Karin Bremer

“Best in Show 2010” went to Sean Brady of Wire People Here.

“Best in Show 2009″ was Nathan Favors for his wood turnings.

“Best in Show 2008″ was Bob Richey for his Bucks County pastels.