Parking is just West of the High School (enter on Bridge St), at Union Square, at the Railroad Station, and at meters and parking lots downtown with a free shuttle to the Festival and Parking from South Main St near the Bucks County Playhouse.  You will need $5 cash for the School lot, quarters or a credit card at Union Square, and you will need 3 quarters per hour at most meters or you can use the ParkMobile App on your smartphone. Free shuttle buses run from 10am-6pm on Saturday, and 10-5 on Sunday from South Main Street Bus Stops.
(Note that on Sunday, the West lot will not be available until after Noon.)

Please be Advised: $5 HANDICAPPED Parking is LIMITED for the number of visitors we have. Please leave your cell phone # on the Dashboard and move your vehicle when leaving the Festival.

The UES lot will be also be available for $5. (Bus also stops there.)

New Hope Arts and Crafts Festival


It takes a lot of volunteers to make this event happen.
Please, volunteer to help set up, booth watch, clean up, or help in other ways during the Festival week/weekend. Or join us on committee for next year’s show, and learn how this highly successful event is prepared for and run, and contribute your talents.  Email us at